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Aadhaar application form / Enrollment form is to be filled and submitted at designated camps along with the documents to get oneself enrolled. The person to be enrolled has to visit the camp personally to enable the capturing of his/her bio metrics.


Downloading Aadhaar form


  • The form may differ in language or other aspects for your area...

Instructions for filling the form

  • In Part A, in Section 'Name' fill the name of the applicant
  • Below that tick any of the options 'Mother' or 'Father' or 'Husband' or 'Guardian' option. Write their name. For children below 5 years the name of the Father/Mother/Guardian is must.
  • Write Date of birth of applicant in format Day/Month/Year. If the date of birth is not known, write approximate age in years.
  • Tick the applicant's gender.
  • Write complete address of the applicant, where he/she is currently living.
  • In Part B, Additional information can be given, like phone/mobile number, email address. These are optional.
  • In Part C, Financial information can be given to open a new Adhara enabled bank account or link your existing bank account to Adhara number. This option is very useful, as in future the government intends to use Adhara number for subsidies and other government schemes. Thus opening a Adhara enabled bank account or linking your existing bank account to aadhaar would be very useful.
  • If you are linking your existing bank account number, write the complete account number (not the short one that is sometimes written on your passbook especially national banks).
  • Write clearly, avoid cuttings.
  • Once again check the spellings especially of the names.

Online appointment

The Aadhaar enrollment is being done through camps. The candidate have to be physically present to give biometric details at the enrollment camp. But for online slot booking for Aadhaar card is available. Karvy is one of the business partner for UIDAI. Anyone can avail this service on given website : http://appointments.uidai.gov.in/ This service is not for all areas.

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