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The local media will be circulating the process for getting an Aadhaar. Upon which the residents need to got to the nearest enrollment camp to register. The resident shall carry certain documents as specified in the media advertisements.

while registering , the residents have to go through biometric scanning of ten fingers and iris (eye scan). They will be photographed and will be given an enrollment number (enrollment number is NOT Aadhaar number). Then the resident will be receiving Aadhaar number within 30 to 90 days by speed post. The aadhaar camps are generally open on working days and closed on weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday, but there may be exceptions.

In between for any queries, the resident may check the Aadhaar enrollment status by use of enrollment number.

Stages of enrollment

  1. Resident goes to enrollment camp.
  2. He/she gets an application and token number of appointment for a particular day.
  3. The applicant on that day visits the camp with original documents of address proof, identity proof and proof of relationship (for children below 5 years) and proof of date of birth along with photocopies of the documents.
  4. En-roller (operator) enters resident data into system.
  5. Resident validates data entry.
  6. Face photograph of resident is captured.
  7. Iris scan is done.
  8. Fingerprint capturing of Left hand.
  9. Fingerprint capturing of Right hand.
  10. Thumb-print capture (both thumbs).
  11. En-roller (operator) signs with his own finger print.
  12. Resident receives printed acknowledgement.
  13. UID will reach at his/her doorstep within 2 to 6 months by post.

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