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For Personals not having document proof

As for enrollment following documents are needed along with application form

  • Proof of Identity (PoI)
  • Proof of Address (PoA)
  • Date of Birth (DoB)

In the case of people who do not have one or more of these documents needed for proof, there is an introducer system. The Registrar for enrollment can designate individuals who can vouch for the validity of a person's information. Introducers can be government agencies, banks, teachers, village postmen, elected representatives and NGOs. Introducers will be enrolled first and given training. Their UID will be mentioned among the details of the person who gets enrolled.

Introducer system

UIDAI recognises that some people particularly children, women, migrant workers, homeless, nomadic tribes, urban poor and others may not be able to produce documentary proof of identity and proof of address. In order to enable inclusion of these individuals for AADHAAR, the data standards committee recommended that the introducer system be created similar to the introducer framework followed by banks for opening bank accounts. The main objective of the introducer system is to enable inclusion of people into the UID system who are otherwise hard to reach and may not be able to provide proof of identity and address. In situations where a resident is unable to provide proof of identity or proof of address they can be introduced for an aadhaar number by a pre designated “Introducer”.

An Introducer is a person who is authorized to introduce a resident who does not possess any PoA / PoI documents. The main objective of the introducer system is to enable enrolment of residents into Aadhaar, who are otherwise hard to reach and may not be part of any government database.

Introducers are individuals (for example, Registrar’s employees, elected members, members of local administration bodies, postmen, influencers such as teachers & doctors, Anganwadi / ASHA workers, representative of local NGO’s etc.) identified by a Registrar and registered in UIDAI’s CIDR as “Introducers”.

Introducer's are to be predominantly appointed by Registrars. In certain cases UIDAI may choose to appoint introducer's as well. It is the intent of the UIDAI to ensure that multiple Introducers are available for residents right down to the village level and in this regard will encourage Registrars to consider appointing government officials, school teachers, local NGO's, anganwadi workers and other reliable persons as Introducers.

Who is eligible to become an Introducer

The eligibility criteria for an Introducer is as follows:

  • Introducer should have an Aadhaar number prior to appointment; this needs to have been issued basis PoI/PoA verification (i.e., an Introducer can not have been enrolled through another Introducer)
  • Introducer must be easily accessible to residents
  • Introducer must be above the age of 18 years
  • Introducer should not have been convicted for any offence (self-declaration for the same to be taken)

Can anyone with Aadhaar number become an Introducer

No, an Introducer has to be authorized by the enrolling Registrar & registered in UIDAI’s CIDR as an “Introducer”.

What are the guidelines for appointing Introducers

Broad guidelines that can be used by registrars for creating a list of introducers within their domain are as follows: The list of approved Introducers should go down till the village level so that the process of registration is not hampered due to lack of introducers.

Residents should have access to multiple Introducers so as to reduce dependence and potential constraints of having a single Introducer. The Registrars need not keep the list of approved Introducers limited to their own department/organization. Village teachers, anganwadi workers, ASHA workers, postmen and even representatives of local NGOs could be appointed as approved Introducers by Registrars. As an example, in NREGA, there are a number of NGOs involved in NREGA social audit, and the Registrars could nominate some of the representatives of these NGOs who work at the village level as the approved Introducers.

Introducer list should include members from credible organizations which have traditionally been advocates of vulnerable communities to make sure goal of inclusion is truly achieved. For example, in the case of migrant workers, members from their employers (in large industries like construction, mining, etc) or representatives of NGOs who work specifically for their welfare could be recognized as Introducers.

What are the liabilities & obligations of Introducers

Obligation of the Introducer:

  • Introducer confirms the identity and address of the resident they are introducing
  • Introducer must only introduce residents who do not have documentary proof of identity or address
  • Introducer is not obliged to introduce every person who approaches them
  • Introducer cannot charge fees for introducing residents

Liability of the Introducer - The Introducer maybe criminally liable if:

  • Introducer colludes with a person to impersonate another person (dead or alive) at the time of enrolment.
  • Introducer helps an Aadhaar holder to deliberately take on the identity of another person by changing their demographic information or colludes to provide false biometric information.

Will Introducers be limited to an area or can they introduce people anywhere in the country

Introducers will be linked to a Registrar (one or many). Therefore, the Introducer can only introduce people with the Registrar’s jurisdiction. In addition, a Registrar can further limit the operations of an Introducer by administrative boundaries (State district level .)

Can NGOs also become Introducers

An NGO as an organization cannot become an Introducer. However, an official working for the NGO can become an Introducer. An Introducer needs to have his/her Aadhaar number before he/she can become an Introducer. UIDAI will issue Aadhaar number to individuals & not to organizations.

Can the Registrar add / remove Introducers at a later stage

Yes, Registrars can add / remove / modify Introducers at a later stage. The area of operations of an Introducer can also be modified at a later stage. UIDAI encourages Registrars to review performance of Introducers on an on-going basis and make changes to the list as required.

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